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Chaturbate issues

Today, I've noticed issues trying to record chaturbate streams.

I put in the link and click the down arrow/download button and it errors out.

Says... "Failed to extract video"

Have not had this issue ever with Chaturbate...  well, every once in a while  it would do this, but I'd just say to download again and it would work fine.

Today, its erroring out on every chaturbate cam link.  No success.

-Was working fine as of yesterday-

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 I'm having the same problem it WILL NOT download chaturbate streams at all.

It says this at bottom of screen "Failed to Extract.  Trying extraction from mobile website."

Then it says: "Url is not supported.  Please try AUTO or the DVR capture methods."

And by the way those two methods don't work either AND the monitor method isn't working as well.

Are you aware of this problem?  Sorry to reply to this comment but wanted to back him up and have no idea how to send directly to you.

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I am seeing the same issue and have not found any work arounds

Me too - I tried using DVR as well but it only records a black screen. Chaturbate has upgraded their video streaming - the videos and interfaces look diiferent (there's a pause before they connect)

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at this moment  i can record streams  with only hit the auto switch,

( not copy and paste url) wait for view sec ( i'm use the  np cap monitor )

any change for a update  soon ?

I tried that after I saw the AUTO function worked. It worked for like 5 mins and now has ceased.  When it did work it recorded an HD stream of 1280 x 720 cam resolution and converted it down to 426 x 240 (which is really poor quality) and it was an .flv file.

Regardless AUTO no longer works for me.

I am experiencing the same issue.  I can only get a low quality FLV  about 1 out of every 10 tries


until now it still works fine for me  and in 1920x 1080 depending the stream you take.

i saw the same issue with 426x240 so i stop the stream and hit the auto again and it was i 1920x 1080 and in Mpeg(ts) i change it  in that format.

i noticed that also worked in MP4

as we spreak i record still a stream almost for 2 hours now

i hope it helps you

BTW  im 'located in europe

@Peter Schaap .  No AUTO tries to download it but fails every time. I used AUTO a few mins after you posted AUTO worked it worked for me and I got lousy results.  Than I shut it off after 5 mins because I wasn't going to bother with a poor quality cap. 

I then tried to see if I could choose MP4 as the format under Advanced under Internet Downloads and it no longer downloaded at all,

I changed the format back to ANY and that didn't work either. 

AUTO doesn't work for me at all.  Your stream that was downloading continued to download because you started it while the AUTO still worked for that short period of time.  If you had stopped it and tried to restart it I assume it wouldn't have resumed and if you try another cam now it probably won't.

I'm in the US so maybe it works in Europe but i doubt it no longer does.

Latest Chaturbate changes supported in todays (11/9/2019) auto-update.  Restart JMR to get it.

thanks for the update it works fine @ my end

Thanks for the heads up - works great.  Everything back to normal and the monitored cams work as well,.

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