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VirusTotal - Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows v7.0.3.1

Before buying this software, thought I should confirm whether or not the software has embedded virus.

Hence, I uploaded the latest abovementioned software to Virustotal website and it returned the following result..

2 o 68  -  2 engines detected this file



111.93 MB Size

2019-11-13 11:11:35 UTC 


Two anti-virus software detected and reported the following infection.

VBA32   CIL.StupidPInvoker-2.Heur

Zillya      Backdoor.Brobot.Win32.18

Could you enlighten me as to the reason(s) for the above outcome?


Kind regards,


These are False positives.  That is why only 2 engines out of 68 detected something.

Our software does not contain viruses or anything malicious. 

Thank you for your reassurance.

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