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suggestion: manual download options for a series of sequentially numbers files of any kind

I was a hardcore user of the firefox extension down them all (DTA). since firefox changed their extensions system years ago this only works on very old versions now and runs into certificate issues etc.

it would be great if jaksta could have a manual input mode to download and type of files like jpg, or ts files and name them as the user likes it in a batch download with a single line input.

to have a 100% copy of all segments of a video or live stream. with the option to download maybe up to 10 single segments at once and retry timed out ones.

in DTA I could e.g. only input:

start segment:endsegment:stepping


and it download all segments with this line like









for any filetype also backwards using like


or in any steps by changing the 1 or -1 to any other value

and naming files downloaded by true segment number / original filename, or just sequentially numbered from 1 onward

using url, referral, path and more options for naming.

this would make it very universal to grab streams / files, jaksta cannot so easily grab by just pasting a url to find the stream.

Cheers Matt

sorry is this reposts, not sure, my browser crashed

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Jaksta is specialised for media so we wont support jpg files,  however you can already download ts files (HLS protocol).  You just need the m3u8 manifest url that tells which ts files to download and mux.

Auto mode will pick up  m3u8 manifests as well when they are loaded by a video player in your browser.

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