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Problem stream download from www.cpiuris.com.br

When I try to use the "AUTO" option(Stream Downloader) trying to download videos from "www.cpiuris.com.br"... I receive the Status message “Complete (Erros)”, with zero bytes... does anybody know if is it possible to solve this problem?

I can see the video normaly(and including download normaly using the DVR method), but I really would like to have the possibility of using the stream download method, that is faster.

Before to watch the video, I only need to confirm an alert message the says that I have only 2hours to watch the video, so, when I click "play" to watch, nothing happens in jaksta. But I can stream download normaly from others sites(youtube, etc). 


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Could you provide your username and password to access this site to support AT jaksta.com and reference this post.  Ill then have a look to see if it is possible or not.

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