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Occassional Issues whilst downloading from Chaturbate

I recently purchased jaksta bundle and have been using the media recorder. when using it on chaturbate, it works for the most part, however quite often it does not work or the recording seems to end abruptly. im not sure why its like this, when sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. 

its abit frustrating to think that something is working and there doesnt seem to be any apparent reasons for the ones that dont work, that im aware of. Id really like to be able to make it so to remove any glitches or errors and have it working as best as possible. 

if you have some suggestions please let me know. i have been copying and pasting the url into the jaksta recorder then clicking download button. i have not changed any settings at all. for the most part it works but like i said there are quite regular ocassions where it doesnt, so your help to make it work as best as possible would be appreciated. 

i do understand that the recording will stop if the performer goes offline or into a private show, however of course im only referring to those that have errors with the video still paying and whereby there should not be any noticable or obvious issues. thanks

well it really works for the most part, so ill hold off on sending debug log for now, as it seems to be working mostly. However, i would like to know if there is a way to automate downloads or a script available or thats part of the app already. So that a video or recording can automatically start as long as a performer is online. It seems to be a quite common occurence that for example there might be a pause in the internet connection or the performer may go offline for one minute. If this is the cause the recording will stop right. So its quite a chore to manually watch and see if the performer comes back online and then start the recording. I would be amazing if you can set it so that as long as the performer is online then the recording will happen. I know that there is the auto button and im not sure if this would work if you had the page open at all times, but im not sure this would be the right solution, as it seems to catch everything and it would be hard to have this on all the time and also use your pc or laptop in a regular fashion.

What im meaning for is just to start recordings automatically for sites such as chaturbate where performers come online, then leave, then come back very frequently, so as to have an automatic way of recording if theyre online. Hopefully you know what i mean, and someoen can share some suggestions or ideas. Thanks

oopa, there is the monitor function, of course!! wow, jaksta is really awesome. love it!

i have noticed recently whilst using the monitor function, that some of the individual monitor entries just randomly remove themselves. Like they are there, and i have not deleted them, but then they just dissapear completely. This has only happened to a few, but even still, its rather annoying and i have no idea why it happens. I have set something to monitor then record and its there, and was working before. so how does it just randomly remove itself?

how long am i meant to run this for? its not a specific action that im doing or that i know whats causing it. But absolutely 100% entries that i have in the monitor have just dissapeared, vanished completely and its rather frustrating. This has happened to quite a few entries that i know were there and for some very strange reason they have just removed themselves.

im getting so many errors like this, and it happens very regularly. please assist in finding out the cause


why do my comments and posts get ignored???? i paid good money for this software and i have issues every single day with it. theres so many bugs and glitches and it seems that all support is doing is saying send a log which i did, yet i get no feedback or update about it..... why??

So you love it and now you hate it ...  got it.

Your logs do not show anything being deleted and monitors can only be deleted via a user action.

Monitors are stored as files in C:\Users\<youraccountname>\AppData\Roaming\Jaksta Media Recorder 7\Monitors

You have something cleaning out your roaming profile .....

You have something cleaning out your roaming profile .....

can you elaborate on this please?

im contsanttly now having the program freeze and not responding even if i barely have anything else running on my system, just a few browser tabs, a vpn and thats it

it wasnt really doing this before but now very frequently

i have a fairly fast laptop as well i7-8705G @ 3.10 Ghz 16GB RAM

but it happens that its constantly freezing veyr frequently

is there like a cache clear out or something i can do? or anything else to try to make it run more smoothly

perhaps the number of entries in the monitor is affecting this also? 

Monitors are stored as files in C:\Users\<youraccountname>\AppData\Roaming\Jaksta Media Recorder 7\Monitors.

C:\Users\<youraccountname>\AppData\Roaming is your roaming profile.

If there are suddenly disappearing then something is deleting those files from your roaming profile.   

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