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Multiple cams on one YouTube "page"

 I posted this problem before but got no response.

On this page there's a choice of 3 cams, each with its own URL:


I select and copy the URL from each cam and enter them into Jaksta Monitor - but each one downloads Cam1.  If I enter the same URLs into VLC's Network Stream the individual cams download fine.

Can Jaksta overcome this somehow?

Works ok here.  When I extract I get the three cams appear in the multiple streams detected list.  Then I can double click one and that one is captured.

Please provide debug logs if you are still having an issue.



Thank you for your response.  I'm having a hard time getting my head around this, sorry :(

If I enter the URL of Cam3 on the main page like you have, it downloads all 3 cams separately - great! - but that's no good, I need them to be monitored, but entering Cam3's URL into Monitor gets me only Cam1.

All the YouTube live streams I download with Jaksta cut off @ 6 hours, I need them to pick themselves up right away so that they keep going while I'm away or asleep.

Monitoring is generally wonderful and I wish I'd discovered it long ago instead of using Auto, with all the manual intervention that requires.  It's just these shared pages that it won't seem to work on.

Switch off Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanaced > Extractor > Prefer Playlist extraction


In the monitor use the url for each cam

Cam 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEW5emlNbB4

Cam 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Nqu1Q75bSg

Cam 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJQ1dgbtxrc

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PERFECT !!!   Thank you very much !!!

Patricia 殺

Works good?  

Love those eagles -  can't believe how close they are to that major road and how bad the weather was whilst I was viewing the cams. Beautiful animals.  

What do you do?  You seem to record so many of these eagles cams?   Where I live we have lots of these eagles around - http://museum.wa.gov.au/explore/galleries/wedge-tailed-eagle, but I'm not sure we have so many cams watching them as you do.

Perhaps there is a better way we can help you using our recording tech?


Sorry I'm so late responding - I've had two dreadful colds, one on top of the other, plus I need to reinstall Windows due to very horrible ongoing glitches, not cured by the previous recent reinstall!  So I'm all behind with everything!

I am nothing to do with the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Foundation, who run these cams in conjunction with landowner Dick Pritchett Real Estate - I'm just a little old lady in England recording the cams to share extracts of the eagles' breeding season on a dedicated Facebook thread.  My No1 priority is ospreys in the UK season March-September.

I also record the Northwest Florida bald eagles, they're controlled by the American Eagle Foundation and streamed by HDonTAP.  Once I managed to get their links via Auto, I was able to put them into Monitor, a triumph ;)

Yes, they've both got a lot of cams on the nests, but very often the systems and/or bandwidth can't cope and it's extremely frustrating ;)  Too ambitious, I say!

If I can find a Wedge-tailed eagle cam I will certainly try to record it - I'd never seen them before, they look beautiful, thank you.


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