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Unable to Open .mp4 file captured from Spotify

When I am capturing an album on Spotify, some of the songs are captured as .m4a files, and some are captured as .mp4 files, and the .mp4 files can't be opened in any of my other music file players, such as VLC or VOX.

If I try to re-capture the same file, it is consistently captured as .mp4 and will not play.

Is there a solution for this?


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Hi Reyland,

Files should not end up as .mp4 files once they have finished converting. They should either be .m4a or .mp3.

If you are getting .mp4 files using the Music app then either something is broken with the conversion or you might not be looking in your Converted folder, which should be the end point for the final audio files (post-conversion).



Jaksta Support

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