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Jaksta not working for www.my5.tv

I have raised this before, but I note that Jaksta is still not working for www.my5.tv.  It successfully gets to the browser, but then no further.   Is there any chance that this will be fixed?

Regards, John

Thank you for your reply.  Did as you said.


Your logs just show you going to https://www.my5.tv/ and clicking record.  

There is no video @ https://www.my5.tv/ so there is nothing to detect.  

You need to navigate to the page hosting the video you want to record, start playing it and then hit the record button.

Exactly, but I navigate to the site, open the browser, but then it freezes - cannot further navigate to anything, let alone run it.

You mean open the browser and navigate to the site?  

The steps are:

1.   Select Digital Video Recorder - 

2.  Click the DVR Browser Button to open it

2.   Navigate to the site as you would using a normal browser and start playing the video and then click the REC button


Your logs show my5.tv has loaded correctly in chrome.  It does not show you trying to navigate elsewhere.

Thank you for your reply.   I have been delayed in my reply owing to other distractions.  It appears that  there is something which makes my system/My5/Jaksta incompatible.  I know the process, but My5 just freezes and I cannot start playing a video, indeed at this stage I cannot even navigate to another video.

With Jaksta I can download from www.channel4.com/programmes/catchup and "www.itv.com/hub/itv".

Using a plain browser (i.e. not within Jaksta), I can view videos on My5, Channel4 and ITV using both Edge and Chrome.  Also  Channel4 and ITV using Internet Explorer, but My5 on Internet Explorer also freezes.

The DVR uses chrome.  You can run this externally from Jaksta and open my5 and see if you can play a video in it.

Make sure your installed chrome is completely closed and then run and go to my5 and see if you can play a video.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Jaksta Technologies\Jaksta Media Recorder 7\vsc\cp\chrome.exe

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