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Chunklist & Disk - Problems (PC overallocated!)

Hello forums :)

I'm new to Jaksta but first of - thanks to all that made this product possible! In general it's a very powerful tool and already helps me alot! If some problems I have can get cleared I'm pretty sure I won't need anything else for capturing and downloading.


So my problem is the following (I heavily used JMR solely on "Stream Downloader" Mode for the last 2 weeks - also the stream monitoring. I went through all settings except some advanced since I don't fully understand what they would do ( I read the v7 JMR guide):


Main problem (part 1) for me are the Chunklists which are automatically created and I didn't find an option to prevent these. They occur to every monitoring stream (I split after 30 min and let save into specific folders. So one livestream having 1h30min gives me 3 pieces à 30 min into my preferred folder. The chunklist would be one other download of the exact same stream and having the full 1h30 lenght (but saved into the general folder where also all live (AUTO) recordings are saved to. So it duplicates everything (Chunklists of the last week make a total of 500 GB unnecessarily produced an ready to delete.


2 questions to this:

A) if i took option no split, would there be also a duplicate chunklist? (I actually dont want to because my computer tends to crash by itself sometimes (even when no app is executed - dunno why) - so 30 min splits give kind of safety to not lose everything 
B) IS there a way to stop the automatic creation of chunklists?


Also the main problem part 2 - the disk problem:

Especially when a monitored stream ends [well btw i want to add i only go on sites where it's recording instead of downloading (otherwise it would also make a chunklist on the AUTO-downloaded file, but since monitoring helps me way better i didn't had to visit these sites anymore)] the chunklist of this stream is muxing until 100% (I'm not so good in computer processes so:
C) what is muxing? )

While these chunklists are muxing my disk (u can see in taskmanager is heavily used on 100% (I have to disks in my computer (C & R) – I installed Jaksta on R an also all folders with video downloads so disk C stays at 0% untouched and R goes crazy on 100% my computer even begins to make loud noises while progressing.)

When it’s on 100% I barely can take a action on my PC and all live recordings (via AUTO) are getting a message like “a mistake occurred” and I cannot record these meanwhile (the livestreams are not playing while disk is overused by Jaksta). (I don’t have English language on my computer so I just translate out of memory.)

But also: Sometimes no chunklist is muxing and Jaksta brings my R disk on 100% like crazy, without anything changing in my user behaviour (more than 70% of the time jaksta is running, simultaneously AUTO recording like 10 streams and background monitoring (downloading) 2-4 streams the disk is under 10% usage (mostly even under 5%) – so I’d say my computer can handle this amount of streams easily the most of time, but then (like out of nowhere or when these damn chunklists muxe themselves) I’m not capable of doing anything on my computer (this situation holds for like 3-10 minutes) but in some cases it went on so I closed jaksta via taskmanager rebooted, waited a bit and started jaksta again …


I hope we can discuss on this and solve this problem. I will try to look as often as I can for answers. Thanks in advance for your time!


P.S.: I also have a lot more like little questions about the possibilities of the program which I couldn’t answer myself after reading the guides, many forum entries and testing out on my own. So a last question:

D) Should I make one big posting where I bring all these questions in or open several threads with the different topics? Or it’s better to kind of contact the support-team directly about this (I don’t know if that’s even possible since I only found the support for billing problems) to not spam the forum with questions that maybe only few are interested in or maybe are obvious to some (as mentioned I’m not so good (yet) with everything concerning computer technology)

I really like Jaksta and hope that it’ll be a program to use for a very long time on many different occasions. I also hope that I may can help the supporter-team to make problems clear some costumers may have – I’m convinced that a detailed talk is clearer and brings more light into the situation than just describing in short some kind of problem (for now and the future so on very last question):

E) Should I keep it detailed as possible to access a good field to operate on or keep it as short as possible to just kind of achieve the point? And is some question marking like a)-e) desired or more like not liked (I don’t know the spirit of this community and what the people like to read) – since my head is pretty organized I always try to interact this way to hopefully make the important things clearer so hopefully also everyone reading this can profit the best way possible.

Extra Info, I think the disk 100% usage only sometimes occurs while monitoring is actively downloading something since a few hours ago i had no active monitors and didn't have 100% usage of disk occuring.

Sounds like you are confusing Monitoring and AUTO mode and have AUTO mode on why you have active Monitors.  

AUTO mode monitors all network traffic in an out of your computer looking for media streams to capture.  

Monitors allow you to setup checks for live streams at regular intervals - but this uses the extraction method and is completely unrelated to AUTO mode.

If you have alots of active monitors and AUTO mode is on then you will be asking JMR to do alot and Im not surprised your machine is under load.

So if I understand what you are doing correctly,  there is no need for you to use AUTO mode.  Simply use the monitors.

If I havnt understood then please provide debug logs showing what you are doing as per


One question at a time is always good.

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Hello CRS - thanks for your reply!

First off i just sended 3x the same debug log because I tested and it actually didn't put a file on my desktop (can i find them elsewhere?) ? sorry for the 3 times debug but i cannot attach a file here - this was sent because i just only had auto on, captured one stream monitors were off and some ffmpeg.exe used my disk R full 100% for around 15 minutes (but there was nothing to convert or so i think) dont know if you can track this behaviour. but that shouldn't be the case i think.

back to Main-Topic: yes you got mostly right.
i have monitors for all streams that jacksta can capture but on Livejasmin the monitoring didn't seem to capture anything (or is there a way?) so that's why i have auto enabled (only capturing LJ streams in chrome).

But indeed it's much at the same time i see. It's just odd that more than half of the time the disk usage from jaksta is between 0 % and 8 % of disk R (while monitoring and auto streaming on LJ) but than are time periods where it totally blows up to 100% disk usage (without the situation changing - e.g. there are not more LJ streams on AUTO than before and also not more Monitor-Streams.

Monitoring is mainly chaturbate, yesterday i tried some other sites and found out that the Chunklist creation only happens with CB monitoring - is there a customization way in settings of single monitors or like in advanced settings to forbid the chunklist creation? this makes everything dowload from CB twice and therefor Jaksta works double for no good point here.

Thanks for helping me :) 

extra update on last post: my pc utterly crashed just now (not because of jaksta) - my pc is pretty strong and can handle much but crashes anyway (pretty much since i bought it but works perfectly fine after (til the next crash) - but however after rebooting i found the 3 debug logs on my desktop so you now they were from me - (not important but do you know why this could have happened?)



oh my (i dont know if my last post got uploaded) since i cancelled due missclicking)

so little update to the debug logs: my pc just utterly crashed (not because of jaksta!) and after reboot the 3 debug loggs (which are basically the same thing) just showed up on my desktop so here they are

to make things clear since i want to capture alot and dont want you to think my pc isn't capable at all: my pc is pretty strong but something wrong with it since i got it - so every few days it crashes for no reason and works without problems afterwards. 



There were no debug logs attached.  You need to click the paper plane icon for them to be put on your deskop.  Please refer to the link I sent.

As I described you are picking up "chunk lists" if you have AUTO on due to adaptive streaming qualities and/or the site switching between live cam servers.  These all look like new streams to JMR and so are captured.  If you dont want them stop them and delete them.    

Livejasmin is recorded (instead of being downloaded) as it is a secure stream.  Therefore AUTO must be on to capture the traffic.  If you dont want to detect the start of any other streams then click the green Thumb.  This tells JMR to ignore any new streams whist continuing to record with AUTO on.

ffmpeg is used for muxing so if you have a large download then yes this can be intensive on your machine.  Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HLS Tab and change Mux To Raw if you dont want to mux after the download has finished and convert raw files to something useful at a later date.

Ok I experimented the las 2 days bit more. I made a test debug (can you see it?) - Since i executed debugs as described in your link and also can see them on my previous answers while writing an answer. when i see what's really posted they are gone...

And now I understood the problem thanks to you. But have more questions about muxing (since even after searching I'm not so sure what it is):

There is Mux to MP4 (or MKV) OR leave to Raw. But when I leave it to raw VLC player still plays the Video with Audio (so what's the benefit of muxing?)

And another thing straight away: What's the difference going in settings to mux to mp4 AND maybe giving a conversion setting to monitors or AUTO recordings? will it mux first to mp4 and the mux again to my conversion?

Would really help me to understand this.


Muxing is the process of taking raw (whatever the site streams) audio and video into the one container with valid codec's bit rates etc for that container.  

For HLS we support muxing to MP4 and MKV containers or leaving them in their raw state.  

VLC is an excellent player and in most cases will support playing the combined raw stream.  

However, alot of players won't play the raw container.  It is entirely up to you what container you want your files in - muxing just makes sure the codecs, bit rates etc are compatible with that container.  

Some streams, for example, you might see taking a while to mux - conversion of codecs and bit rates etc is happening  - whilst with others, muxing takes no time at all - the codecs etc were already in a compatible format with the container so no conversion was required.   

The conversion tool is for converting a media files to one of the many formats (codecs' bit rates etc) that are provided (and you can you can create your own).

For example, you have captured a stream which is MP4 but has a codec that isn't supported on your iphone.  In that case you could use the conversion feature to convert it to something that can be played on your iphone.


Sorry its late but still wanted to say thanks to the explanation (coulnd't properly answer earlier). So i got it now thanks.

And tip i if someone else finds this thread:

if you monitor and AUTO at same time : you can delete chunklists in jaksta before the stream is finished to empty the space, then in task manager ffmpeg data will occur (under jaksta media recorder) and u will end this task - then the AUTO-chunklist will be deleted and not safed (or when its muxing right now just do ESC to stop the muxing on it)

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