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Jaksta + chrome recording not working

Since chromium 72, Jaksta (media recorder, music recorder) does not record sound from application (chrome, opera or any that use chromium based engine with version above 71)

the last version of chromium that Jaksta can record is 71 (its opera v59 or chrome 59)

so the newerst browsers does not work, same to firefox x64, x32 works fine but x64 does not work at all

all tested on 3 pc with windows 7, 8.1 and 10

any fix?

Newer versions of Chrome block all code injection which blocks the Application audio recording method from working.  

Work around is to use IE to do your audio recordings from, or use the Stereo Mix (What you hear) audio recording method.  Settings > Audio Recording

thats crappy, thank you for info ill stick to old chromium

IE is too slow

im still recording on Chrome, found this in settings:

Version 81.0.4044.122 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)

But the recordings i just made (on LJ) have Audio on it. 

Dont know if it ever not recorded audio i dont watch everything right away. But did Chrome change something then or do I have to be carefull since audio may not record in the future on chrome?


Downloads work fine with the latest Chrome -   it is just Application audio recording that is blocked. 

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