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1) I can't get an account with my email.  I use the sign up screen and click on the captcha and the go to the login but I haven't entered a password.  I never received an email to validate the signon.

2)  How much is the Video Recorder software? Nowhere is the price shown on the website.

3) When I click on activate nothing happens.  Likewise if I click on buy now I get a download purchase.do the nothing happens


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Hi Harry,

Sorry for the trouble you have had in trying to make your purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately our store system is currently experiencing some technical issues which will hopefully be resolved in the near future.

Normally when you click the Buy Now button on the website it would take you to the purchase page and list the price, but that page is currently unreachable due to the issues we are having. 

Are referring to the Windows or the Mac version of Jaksta Media Recorder?

They have different prices:
Mac Version  - $49.95 USD
Windows version - $29.95 USD

If you attempt a purchase in a day or so your purchase should be successful.

The fact that you are able to make posts on our forums means that you already have an activated account. Just in case you have issues with a password and logging in I have force created a temporary password for your account which I will send to privately. Check your Spam folder if you don't see it in your Inbox. You can update the password to one of your own choosing once you log in.


Jaksta Support

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