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Audio issue after installing product

I'm looking for help with an issue that started when I had installed the program. I installed the program on a Windows 10 PC. Partway through the installation of one of the Network Monitor, I cancelled it and the Jaksta installation was still being completed. After it was completed, I believe I restarted my laptop and then uninstalled the files. I think the installation may have done something to the way the audio is configured on my PC. I was getting audio issues such as not being able to run a program that I use for work having to do with a live screen recording. The software couldn't detect a microphone input although I set Chrome microphone permissions to be allowed for that website. The issues immediately started after the installation of the Network Monitor being stopped and then uninstalled

The installer doesn't touch your microphone.  The Network Monitor is a NDIS6 network driver.  There is a virtual Speaker created as part of the DVR driver.  Uninstalling JMR will remove that though.

Yes, I've uninstalled everything and then got that sound issue immediately after. Can you recommend anything with fixing it?

Is the Digital Video Recorder speaker still showing in your speakers?

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