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Problems with installing Jaksta


I all of a sudden started having problems with Jaksta when I upgraded it to the 4.0 version. It frequently shuts down and is not automatically detecting and hence recording the VK and other movies. I tried several time to reinstall it (first the previous and now the latest 4.0 versions), all but unsuccessfully. I keep getting the following message (a photo attached) whenever I get to the point of activating the key. 

"There was no endpoint listening at the https//store.shedwork.com/storews/ActivationBean that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action."

I uninstalled the program and can't install it therefore I have no other data, like logs etc.

Please help!


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Looks like it couldnt reach our licensing server for some reason.  Is it working ok now as registering does here.

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