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Jaksta downloads separate auudio and video from livestream

This topic isn't actually new - I found this from 2017.  https://www.jaksta.com/support/mac/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/audio-and-video-on-separate-files-6000046234

This is exactly the problem I'm having with livestream https://www.zdf.de/live-tv.  It's relatively new - I last downloaded from this site 3 months ago and everything was ok. But now if I play the livestream in Firefox, then Jaksta (with Auto ON) downloads two files - video with no audio, and audio with no video (see attached screenshot).

So - it seems to be a site problem, the broadcaster has changed its technology somehow and separated audio and video into distinct streams, which Jaksta doesn't know how to merge.

My question is - can this be fixed? I'll be very disappointed if it can't, because that makes Jaksta pretty well useless to me.

I haven't attached logs - if this really is a site problem that you can reproduce at your end, then my logs are irrelevant, aren't they?


Clinton Solon

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ok here are the logs for my latest attempt. Jaksta produced separate audio and video files, audio crashed after 15 min, video continued till I stopped it at 34 min.

(65.1 KB)
(4.88 MB)
(4.88 MB)
(4.88 MB)
(2.6 MB)

from your logs, the site streams audio and video in separate streams.  These are both being detected in AUTO mode.  

Try changing Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HLS and change HLSD to ffmpeg.  Both audio and video will still be detected as separate streams, but there should be one that contains both.

Ive been trying to get my blackvpn to connect to the DE proxy so I can test for you.  I have a support call in with them and will test as soon as I can.

Hello CRS, thanks for reply. I tried your suggestion - change HLSD to ffmpeg, but it didn't work, I still got separate files. So I'm keenly awaiting results of your further investigations!


Clinton Solon

Hello again CRS,

I am just writing to see if you have any updates?




Have you had a chance to test yet?



Yep sorry.  Use the extraction method - ie enter the url.

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