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Jaksta (AUTO) preventing other applications

Hello, I noticed, that Jaksta prevents some other instances to connect with then internet, but only when AUTO is on; when it's off (just monitoring) then these instances (e.g. game-app or online live-chat) work and connect normally - could you explain why this is and if i maybe could also bring to work while on AUTO mode?


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To capture HTTPS protocol streams in AUTO mode a HTTPS proxy is created inside JMR and all HTTPS traffic is routed through JMR to check for media streams.

If your other application is already connected via https to what ever its back end is and AUTO is switched on then this could disconnect that application.

I dont recommend you leave AUTO on constantly.  Only use it when you want to capture something and then switch it off as soon as JMR captures the streams and starts the download.  If you do leave it on then all HTTPS traffic will being routed through JMR, which depending on how much traffic are generating will slow things down alot as JMR is examining them all for media streams.   

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