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Getting distortion - Flac segments combined

Ok, it took me a while to put my finger on it, but I was getting occasional songs in my library created using Jaksta that played full of distortion and loud.. it was not all song, just few of them occasionally. I believe these are all songs that were created combining segments using the 'combine' tool.  All my capture are in FLAC and my sound card is on 96K 24 bit.

I have also noticed the distortion to be reproducible on Plex while sometimes not on other players (microsoft groove for example).

Any recommendation to address this situation?

I can add that files created with the 'combine' function are in 96K 16bit as opposed to files not combined that are in 96K 24bit. not sure why exactly.

Sorry for the delay.  Could you attach one of these recordings that are distorted? 


Here is a link to one of such FLAC audio files

Hope this helps.


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