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Jaksta not "finalising" this mp4 stream on completion


Jaksta used to have no problems with this webcam (not necessarily from the same link) but now when I stop it manually it doesn't "finalise", and I can't scroll thru it with any editor to extract clips.

I do get a file, but it's inconsistent - snaps attached, taken in VirtualDub2, which crashes trying to handle the files.

No sure what you mean by finalize?  It appears to work ok here when I cancel the download I get a playable file.

Please provide debug logs.

I don't think I can do a debug log because Jaksta is very busy with other streams - unless you tell me it won't need to be interrupted.

However, I think you may be getting the wrong impression - the files may appear to play but if you try to scroll thru an hour-long (or less) file it breaks up.

*In the past, Jaksta and VirtualDub2 have happily coped with 20-hour files from these streams - that is, the two Nest.com cams on StarrRanch.org/blog.

(Thanks so much for fast response :) )

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