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How do I record from LivexLive?

Your site says its the best software for recording videos or streams from LiveXLive, but I cannot get the software to play any videos from LivexLive.

LiveXLive captures fine here in AUTO mode.

1.  Close your browser tabs to livexlive if you have any open.

2.  Switch on AUTO capture.

3.  In a new browser tab go to livexlive and start playing a video.

4. You will be presented with several streams that are availble.  Double click the one you want and it will start the download.

5. You can switch off AUTO once the capture has started.

6. Double click to play

If you are having issues then please provide debug logs as per


Sorry. That may work for the free content on their site, but I purchased certain live streams that are now archived and this software does not work for it. Not in DVR mode, not in the manner you described. I have zsro clue what you are talking about with the tags, but feel free to use my log in and try for yourself. Let me know. But the minute I hit auto, then go to the archived video, it gives me the option to download one version. I double click that and it says “connecting” before giving me an error message. Pretty disappointed here to be honest
Here are all the different errors
I tried the way you explained above as well as the dvr option and download option None work

Here are the logs

Anything? Any help? Its been a month?

Did look at it a while back but after you sent logs, but was getting this.

Looking at the logs you provided the stream is failing to send any data, just like it is in the browser.   Seems something is wrong with their site.   The site was working for me when you initially put your request in.

This is as a logged in user as well.

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