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How to record Stripchat.com live stream by Monitoring Option


Is there any way to record or download stripchat.com multiple live stream by monitoring option at a time.
Now I can record a single live stream by DVR at a time.


To download from stripchat, enter the url in Jaksta as shown in the image below.  I think only the RTMP streams can be captured at the moment.

Thanks for your suggestion. still not detect the stream link from stripchat by stream downloader. it shows URL is not supported.


I try this and it works, but only for xhamsterlive.com, which I think uses the same API as stripchat.com:

1) Go to Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced Settings

2) Go to 'Site Specific'

3)  Add the following urls with flv as the filetype: stripchat.com and xhamsterlive.com

4) Restart JMR

The latest extraction engine update supports recent changes to both stripchat and xhamsterlive.

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