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Is is possible to force the quality of a live stream download?


this is about the site OK.ru and downloading live stream (not using Auto, just adding the url and pressing return or clicking that arrow down symbol). Two days ago they have changed something about their streams.

Till then live streams from the site were downloaded in two qualities only. TS (H264) and FLV. When the download started in TS (H264) everything was fine.

When the download started in FLV you knew the stream is broken. This often happend when you add a stream too early after it began. In this case you started the download again to get it in TS.

This was the way it was. This way was fine.

However, for two days now live streams started to download in a third kind of quality:

You get

TS (H264, 720x1280, xxxxx fps / AAC, VBR) <- the perfectly fine download


FLV <- the broken one one, as described above.

but now also

TS (720x1280 / AAC, VBR) <- Notice the H264 codec info is missing.

The new TS download, the one without the codec info, will results in a corrupted video file in the end. Sometimes large portions of the video don't play, sometimes you can't fast forward them and so on. Only muxing them with an external program will fix them. And no, the options "Automatically fix RTMP live streams" and "Rebase RTMP timestamp" do not fix them reliably.

I tried different versions of Jaksta and the Extraction Engine. I even bought a new licence since I tested so often that my old key was activated too often. No problem, you deserve the little extra money. But this way I can be sure the problem is 100% OK.ru's fault.

So, is there a way I can force the correct download quality (TS, H264)? Or is there something you can do with either a new version of the Extraction Engine or Jaksta itself? Thanks in advance.

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I'm prefer not to use HLSD. And without HLSD you get TS files by default. Sorry I did not mention that.

Anyways, the problem is not using HLSD or using HLSD. I just tested with HLSD for about an hour (and therefore getting mp4 downloads). During download they all look fine but about 20% of the finished files are as broken as I described earlier

I suggest you try downloading without HLS/HLSD. About 20% of the streams will start as TS without the H264 in the quality column. These are the broken ones.
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