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ffmpeg doesn't finish some downloads


When I use ffmpeg downloader for amateur.tv some downloads (at least half) doesn't finish until I stop them. It's like ffmpeg doesn't detect the stream has ended.

If I try to download from the same site with hlsd this problem doesn't appear.

I would prefer download use ffmpeg because I've checked it uses less cpu than hlsd.

Debug logs are attached containing some examples with this behaviour:


nuriataoMilf - 20200522 082310.ts
danielaX12 - 20200522 092907.ts
pickys - 20200522 111326.ts
Yil - 20200522 120315.ts



You could try a different ffmpeg version from the one we distribute -  https://www.ffmpeg.org/download.html.

Just replace the ffmpeg.exe in the JMR install folder with what ever you download.

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Good idea CRS!

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