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Monitoring and downloading of live broadcasts does not work.

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The size issue is fixed in

What happened to mixing streams in All streams are mixing for hours. 99% cost 30 minutes.

And this is like a stable version? Or does the program now only need an SSD?

No need for the attitude dude.  Others here will tell you I have absolutely zero time for it.

Muxing can take a while if conversion of audio and or video is required and the file is huge - always been this way.  For example if you download at H264 video/OGA audio stream.  The OGA needs to be converted to AAC to go in a MP4 container.


There is also a new muxing settings as per release notes.  Settings > Advanced > Mux.  Turn off fast start if you don't want the index (moov atom) at start of file.  Again this can take a while if the file is huge.

If you still think there is something wrong then please provide debug logs.




Muxing of "Twitch stpeach.mp4" which was 18.91 GB and 07:03:52 hrs in length started at 2020-06-18 06:50:56,253 and was finished at 07:13:02,653.  

You have the move index to start of file setting on.  This occurred between 2020-06-18 07:09:45,327 and  07:13:02,653.

This is all completely normal for that size of file.

You don't understand me.

 I know that mixing a 15 GB file is not fast on the hard disk. I have been using the program for a long time and I know how it works. But in version, the problem is finishing mixing. 99% can hang for an hour. Tagging and Queuing are usually completed in the program when there are several files in the mix that are 7-15 GB in size. 

Is this normal? This was not the case in previous versions of the program.

Your logs dont show anything hanging or taking an hour to mux.  Please provide logs that show this behaviour.

I recommend you turn off the new MP4 fast start setting.  That will save you a few minutes of muxing time on files that large.  Or if you need the index at the start of the file for editing and streaming, then just wait for it to finish doing what you have asked it to do.


I have this problem with the program. After 3-4 days of 24/7 operation, constant stream interruptions begin every few minutes. I made a screen and attached logs. I hope this is resolved and the problem is visible in the logs

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You are receiving timeout errors such as "Connection to video-weaver.hel01.hls.ttvnw.net timed out" and then exceeding the configured number of retries so the stream completes as it has gone away.

As a guess, you are being throttled either by your ISP or ttvnw or are having other network issues.

Settings > Advanced > HLS tab has settings that can be used to increases/decrease timeouts etc that may help.

Yes there are problems with the Internet pages do not open and similar problems. I talked to the ISP, too, thought the problem is in it, but they do not talk about restrictions that do hide them. And when I talk about gaps, they say that they are not visible. What the ISP set for restrictions, tell me, so I know what to talk about.

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