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Ghost Images of URLs on my desktop


When using the Replay Media Catcher 7 and move the URL of a video I would like to record (mosty YouTube but not always) into the https box of Replay Media Catcher, for some reason and in a way that I cannot describe precisely a "ghost image" of the URL "stays" on my desktop screen.

Everything associated with the recording process itself works just fine.

I am talking about the persistent ghost image on my Windows 10 desktop.

I am not saying that it is anything associated with your product but rather whether, prompted by other customers, you may have the answer to this nagging question ->

How does one "refresh" the screen to get rid of the ghost image without having to reboot the computer.

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the situation on my desktop at this moment.

Thank you!


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Sorry I have never heard of this before.  Sounds like there is something wrong with Windows ...  

The latest Microsoft updates haven't gone to well -  https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/1/21276653/microsoft-windows-10-may-2020-update-block-known-issues-list .  Perhaps you have been affected before they blocked it?

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