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video url for ad-block list


i was wondering if there is a way to surely find out the source of the videos (i dont know the regular used words on this topic on point):

i mean when you record / download in JMR you can see this with ALT+Enter under source (very long link)

this is what i found on twitter videos (first part of a long url) 


and with this in the ad-block option succesfully block all of twitter so i can look through twitter while AUTO recording on another site without it having me download everything starting to play on twitter.

i would like to this for many sites for example twitch.tv BUT in the source for twitch i found this:


and it wouldnt work so i also tried just the page but


also wouldnt stop AUTO downloadingwhatever would play on twitch.

so just the question is there a better way to get behind video-source urls of different websites or whatever to find out how to block twitch videos and many others?


You would need to look at the ad that is being captured and see what its url is and block that.  If the ads and the actual video are all coming from the same url then you would need to us proper ad blocking software.

Not what i meant. I dont want to block ads but block all videos that play on social media pages like twitter facebook and also like youtube or twitch - so when i record on AUTO what i want to record i can browse through twitter because i blocked the url source. as all described above. but for twitch this process wont work and i dont know why

and by block i mean: jaksta shall not AUTO record these while AUTO is turned ON. hopefully this method doesnt only work for youtube and twitter videos 

Twitch streams from cloudfront.net which is a content delivery network.  You could block that but you will also be blocking other sites.  There is nothing in a twitch stream url that id's it as being from twitch from what I can see.

ok thank you. ill keep in mind if something will not record. 
Could you also tell me how you can find this cloudfront.net out or is this information only accesseble for advanced programmers? (at least on my twitch downloads i couldn't see this site in the source so i guess you could see somewhere else)


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