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Audio is missing when downloading from https://www.viafree.dk/

When I try to download vides from https://www.viafree.dk/ I can download the video in DVR mode (fails in straming mode) but the video has no sound. Please advise

Here is the logs


Was Kenneth Johansen's problem resolved?

There is not provided a solution yet I have just forwarded some logs to the Jaksta team. I'm waiting for their response

You are trying to DVR and AUTO capture at the same time.  As per the prompt you would have got - dont do this.

Please just provide logs of the capture in DVR mode.

Here is two different logs. One using the "download option" and the other DVRs the videos at the URL". 


Thanks for the logs.  

Your internet capture logs are showing the extraction of separate audio and video streams, but not picking up the combined stream.  I can probably support the download option in the next release.  Just need to find a german vpn as mine doesnt work with this site.  I use BlackVPN,  Can you recommend one?

Your DVR logs arnt showing a DVR capture. They are showing an internet capture.  To DVR, click the DVR button, then the globe to open the DVR browser, then navigate to and play the video in the DVR browser and then click record.


The DVR capture function finally works for me with my problem, but when I start the video, there is a delay of a few seconds while I get my mouse all the way up to the "Record" button, and I lose the first few seconds of the music at the start of the video I am downloading. Isn't there a better way, so that I don't always lose the first few seconds of the video I am downloading? Haven't you thought of this problem before making your software program?

Its takes you a few seconds to move your mouse?   Perhaps make the DVR Browser smaller so you don't have to move it so far.

Anyway, You can enter the url and press enter on the DVR screen, without having to open the DVR Browser.  Provided the video is not click to play and starts playing by itself, the DVR browser is automatically started, the url you enter navigated to and the capture started.

Also you are DVR'ing not downloading.  Two completely different things.  


The site is Denmark not Germany. I dont use VPN but NORDVPN should be a good choise

Dear CRS, as you recommended I made the DVR Browser as small as possible and moved it as close as possible to the red "Record" button on the top right, about 3 cm away.

I clicked "Play" on the video (because Bilibili videos are always click to play; they will not play automatically), then instantly moved my mouse to the red "Record" button.  Probably due to some latency built into Jaksta's DVR function, the finished video is again missing the first two seconds of the original video.

There's no solution? Those two seconds included a musical note that is part of the musical performance.

What is the url of the video?

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