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Unwanted multiple downloads of the same stream


I am new to the program, installed it fresh today entered some Chaturbate models in de monitor.

So far very good! 

But the program is constantly starting new downloads of the streams that are already downloading.

With constantly i mean it feels like every other minute a new download of an already downloading stream get added until it at 8 concurrent downloads (cap i set)

It seems to be 1, not more extra downloads per already running one.

Hope to hear soon,



Your logs arnt in debug mode so bit hard to say, but if you are using the live stream monitor make sure you dont have AUTO on at the same time.

Follow these instructions to provide debug logs, if that isnt the issue.


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Thanks for the response!

I think i figured it out tho, the problem mostly occurred while i was editing the monitor list while downloads where running. Now that everything is settled it still occurs every now and then but it's manageable.

What a great piece of software, I love the vast amount of options such as auto-tagging, amount of format options, split options etc etc. 

Keep up the good work.

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