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No audio when downloading Bilibili video

Hello, with Jaksta Media Recorder 7 (the newest version), I downloaded a Bilibili video, but the resulting file had only video (no audio). Can you help me resolve this problem? Thank you,

(395 KB)

Here are the logs:


Use the extraction method to capture from bilibili as per image.


Thank you, that did not work, and I already knew it would not work, because it downloaded only the first of two videos in a Bilibili playlist. The ability to download the second video in that Bilibili playlist is why I purchased Jaksta Media Recorder 7!

Now will you provide me the answer of how I may download this video (the second video in a Bilibili video playlist comprising two videos)? Thank you and I hope it will work this time. If not, there's no reason for me to continue owning this program which I had to pay good money for.


From my knowledge and my past enquiries to their support, they dont / cant  support  downloading the 2nd file in the list.

Even if you manually copy the file ( e.g  the link ends with page 2,  when you finsihed downloading the file, you will realise the 2 files are still the same, its still the 1st file not the 2nd video in the list.

Basically Jaksta cannot detect the correct file, yes it will download but still wrong file.

To make it worse, I cant get audio these days too .... sued to set prompt and manually select download flv but nope ... it's still downloading mp4 ....

Used to love Jaksta as it was one of the so few products that can download bilibili .... it's getting good to bad to worse for bilibili lovers .....

stanley lock, someone told me that it's possible to use Jaksta Media Recorder 7's DVR function to DVR the second video in a Bilibili list, and that did indeed work, though I lost the first few seconds of the target video since there is a lag time between the time one clicks "play" on the video and "record" on the DVR function of Jaksta Media Recorder 7.


David Badagnani, Thanks to you, my faith in Jaksta has improved ... took me 2 years and finally someone highlighted this to me hahah , yea, 2018 till now ....

now to see why there is no sound. After the recent patch I lost my function to record sound .... the videos are there just dun noe why I lsot the sound, been uninstalling and no luck....

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