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I am having a bit of an issue understanding the concept as to which you advertise your product for vidangel.  I had purchased it thinking the auto feature would detect the video playing and i would then in return download it like most other stream recording apps.  I get errors when pasting the url into the address bar.


The program works on other sites so the auto feature works with them, but does not with vidangel.  


The only way i can get this to remotely work is going into dvr mode then record the screen as it plays.

i have about 8 screen recording apps that can do this with using less resources than your application.

Is the auto feature supposed to work on vidangel? 

Vidangel works here in AUTO mode.

From your screen shot it looks like you are trying to use the extraction method and AUTO mode.

AUTO mode picks up what is playing in your browser.  The extraction method where you enter the url, only works for a selection (around 100) sites.

Switch AUTO on then go to vidangle in your browser, login and start playing the video you want to capture.  You will be prompted for the various quality streams they offer and then you can choose which one to download.  Once downloading you can switch off AUTO mode.

Oh and as per the prompt you get when you try to, there is no need to have AUTO on at the same time you are trying to use the extraction method.  

Thanks for your response, I tried with and without the link in the field.  on youtube the auto worked right away, on vid angel you have to turn auto on and off before you open the browser and wait about 30s before it detects it.  after about 4 hours of trying it finally started to work, or i learned how to properly use the software.  

Thank you. 

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