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Preferred Download Quality improvement


I use Jaksta Media Recorder which I love.

Can i suggest an improvement?

Your 'Preferred Download Quality' field is currently dynamic.

If we choose 'medium' we can record:

- a nice video in 1080p if the stream broadcasts in 2160p

- or only 540p (or less) if the stream broadcasts at most 720p.

It's a shame in the second case not to have 720p.

If we choose 'prompt' we can choose manually; but it will not work for the flows that we monitor when we are away.

Would it be possible to add an option (or replace the existing field) allowing to choose the maximum bitrate that we want to record? Among the standard choices: 2160p, 1440p, 1080p, 720p, 540p, 480p ...

This would save bandwidth and disk space while maximizing the quality we want.

Best regards

Hey - sure.  I can look at implementing that in the next release.   Will only work for those sites though that provide the required details.

Please have a look at this beta and let me know if meets your requirement


Hello, I tried the beta out, and it does have the additional settings for max resolution, but it doesn't download any of my monitored streams regardless if i set it for max 720 or 1080.  When I set it back to medium or highest, it works again. I would love if this functionality works. Thank you so much for your efforts. :)

Could you please provide debug logs as it is working as expected here.


They will be different urls.  In AUTO mode JMR will pick up all streams that your browser requests.   Just stop the one you don't want.

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