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access codes

I purchased  the Jaksta Deluxe Bundle yesterday. and have two issues. The first is on the Security and Privacy section of the System Preferences. I get the following message, " System software from developer "MATT INGALLS" was blocked from loading." When I press the allow button nothing happens. Secondly, my access codes to open the software don't work. What is going on here?

Dave Robinson 

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Hi David,

To start with my suggestion would be to download the individual installers for each of the apps and then run them separately. As the Deluxe Bundle installer tries to do them all in one go, if it fails then it is harder to pinpoint the problem.

You are likely getting that message as a result of the attempted installation of Soundflower, which is an external application that we build into Jaksta Music Recorder and Jaksta Screen Recorder. If you experience the same error when trying to install one or both of those products then that will suggest that is the problem.

In that event, go to the following link and follow the instructions at the top of the page - https://www.fluxforge.com/blog/soundflower-os-x-10.11-10.12-macOS-sierra/

Then run any failed Jaksta installations again.

And can you please clarify what you mean about the access codes not opening the software? Is there some kind of error or reaction you are getting?



Jaksta Support

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