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Video Source On Finised Movie

 When I copy the video source address and past it in the DVD video record.and record the video when I watch the movie the source is on the top of the movie. See attachment.  I no longer can use the program until this issue is resolved.  Please help.

(1.16 MB)

Ummm.... that is nothing to do with JMR.  That is the title bar of your video player.

I have tried 3 different media players and they all show source on top of video. Is there something I need to change on my pc? 

Glenn Domovic

Is there a media Player you recommend?  Is there an update that eliminates the source from the video?  I would like to start using this program again.  Thank you.

VLC is probably the best player out there.

If you think there is an issue with JMR please provide debug logs as per showing the capture.


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