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Cannot open Properties of large file

I tried to open the properties of a large file after downloaded but it keeps saying "System.OutOfMemoryException". Please view the attached error logs below.

Thank you


The crash is coming from very low down in the .NET windows form api. 

Does this happen for every file or just this one?  How big is the file?

What is the name of the file.  The logs are just showing it as ????.

What site is the captured file from?  Please provide the url.

Hi, I captured the RTMP stream from pandatv.co.kr. According to my experience, all the files that are larger than 3GB always pop up this error. The files below 3GB are fine.

pandatv.co.kr - no such site exists?

My bad. it's Pandalive.co.kr.

ta.  I have a download going now.  

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Thank you. Let's see how's it going. Please tell me if you need more information.

This is being caused - Im pretty sure - because the progress log is so large for such large downloads.  This is loaded into a textbox in the properties window.  Will fix for the next version.  Thanks for reporting it.

Thank you so much.

Can you please test this beta on one of your large files.

Ive made two changes.

1.  Duplicate progress log entries are removed.  So the progress logs for large downloads should be much smaller.

2.  The progress log tab only loads 1 MB at a time. As you scroll down more is loaded as you go.



I just tried on the large files (~5GB) and it's working perfectly. No error or laggy happens anymore.

Thank you so much.

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