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Cannot continue downloading Jasmin RTMP

I used Jaksta (latest version/Windows) to download RTMP streams from livejasmin.com free chat and the private shows I'd paid for.

Just two days ago (maybe) they did some stream changes or something... Because, at least in my case, Jaksta stopped working: in "auto" mode is not downloading/recording anything. Today I decided to uninstall & install from zero Jaksta, resetting all configuration... Sadly still the same :(

I wonder if are you going to try continue supporting cam sites as jasmin in the near future.


Livejasmin.com is downloaded fine here in AUTO mode.  

Please provide debug logs as per

It just worked disabling "Use Internet Explorer proxy settings" option.

It was my problem... Thanks and sorry for disturb you. Long life to Jaksta! :)

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