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OnlyFans Livestreams

I've been trying to set up a monitor and record for OnlyFans Livestreams, but I cannot seem to get them to work. I can get them to check the pages for a potential stream, and once I got the DVR menu to actually open but even then it requires an additional click on the screen to "join livesteam".  So most of the time it seems to not recognize one is active, and at best I seem to be able to record a frozen page with a blue block that basically says "click me" on it. Am I doing something wrong with my settings, or is this just not supported at the moment? And if it isn't supported, is there plans to do so in the future?

Also is there some way to automate the joining and recording of streams from sites that have an additional click-gate like this?

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

OnlyFans is not supported by the extraction engine (only around 100 sites are supported via that capture method).  The live stream monitors only work for sites supported by the extraction engine.

Will have a look at onlyfans and see if it is something the extraction engine can support in future.

looks like onlyfans requires cc and payment to access streams.  Wont be able to see if extraction engine can support their live streams unless someone can share their login details.  Please email them to support AT jaksta.com if you can help.  

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