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Not downloading files from Udemy of particular lesson


I have Jaksta Media Recorder 7 (

I am unable to download video files from Udemy and getting error as attached in screenshot.  Attached the log files also.

Video file need to be downloaded from here: https://www.udemy.com/course/complete-json-ajax-course/

Once you opened above link, please click on preview button to watch and download it (attached screenshot).





Now files are downloading after 1 hour itself.  Now 3 files are downloading for 1 web video.  attached screenshot for your reference.  Please help.

Now files are downloading after sometime. Not sure, what happened!!


But this time, same video file is downloading 3 times and unnecessary my ISP provider download capacity is killing.


Please help. Screenshot attached.

Many sites adapt their resolution as the video plays in your browser (adaptive streaming), resulting in different quality streams being requested by your browser, which if you leave AUTO on, JMR will pickup.  They are different URLs.

Once a capture has started there is no need to keep AUTO on.

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