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Unexpected error configuring the HTTPS/SSL monitor for Default LAN

I am getting the "Unexpected error configuring the HTTPS/SSL monitor for Default LAN" message.

I have done what you suggested in the couple of support posts about being sure to set it as 'DefaultLAN' but it does not work for me.



(217 KB)
(101 KB)


I have attached the log. Was trying to record this video off the BBC:





I have all those set to on here. Maybe it is just the BBC who don't name their pages.

Your logs dont show you going to that page.  Make sure AUTO is on before you open your browser and go to the page you want to capture from.


1. Started Jaksta.

2. Started Firefox.

3. Ran video link.

Nothing shows up in the recording box, no multiple streams box opens as per your image.


Hey guys.

I don't want to hijack the thread but add my observations.

I rarely use "Auto". Normally I add a stream by pasteing it to Jaksta's own url bar. Because of this I didn't notice I get the same error as GregC when using auto.

1. I start Windows (complete reboot).
2. I start Jaksta.
3. I click on Auto.
That's the moment I get the error. And when I then click Auto again there's no error but Jaksta also doesn't discover streams.

However, when I now close Jaksta and re-open it and then click Auto again there is no error and the stream detection works perfect.

So basicly the only time the error occurs is the first time after a reboot and the first time clicking on Auto in Jaksta. This is only a small annoyance and I would not even have reported it till I saw this thread.

1. I use Chrome instead of Firefox.
2. My WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service is set to manual and is running.
3. I can edit the proxy config in Windows/IE.
4. I have already re-installed Jaksta (to test something else). So that's not the problem either.

Long story short, I do NOT think this is a problem Jaksta causes. I do think that one of the Windows Updates during the last weeks caused this. Just like recently Windows Defender prevents changes to the HOSTS file I bet some Windows Update now interferes with Proxy changes.

Unfortunately I can't narrow it down since I rarely use "Auto", as I already wrote.

Good luck to you guys.

 I tried again with a different page, same site and I think that should be visible in the logs attached.



This doesn't happen on the several test machines I have access to so not sure if its a windows update thing.

@andreas - can you provide debugs logs.  Reboot and turn debug logs on,  turn AUTO on - get the error - collect logs and post here, so I can see what is happening on your machine.

I was finally getting to stay with relatives at the weekend and I checked their Windows 10 setup.

They too had the  WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service disabled.

They don't use Jaksta so had not noticed it. It seems some Windows update has turned it off for some reason. They had Windows Home and I have Pro.


Jaksta v21 has just reverted to the original "Unexpected error configuring the HTTPS/SSL monitor for Default LAN" message.

Does this mean I have to uninstall and reinstall again?

I have not been installing anything other than an Adobe Lightbox update.

 logs attached


Same issue as you originally had where a proxy cant be set on your machine.  

1.  WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service is not running or enabled.

2.  A windows update has "broken" the proxy cfg in windows.

I will keep an eye on it and report.

I tried again today with the same result.

I did notice when I then tried to download it by the "download from the URL" it said that there was a problem with SSL if that explains anything.

At the moment the software is useless to me. I can use OBS studio, but I want to be able to do other stuff in the foreground with sound.

Thanks for any help.



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