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dish anywhere

when i use this it dish says the browser does not support. 

(20.7 KB)

They have limited which browsers they support  >= v83 of chrome.  


The version the DVR browser uses is 75.  Im looking at how we might get around this in a future version.

Thanks for reporting it.

The latest version of JMR allows you to override the DVR browsers user-agent string in Settings > DVR > User Agent Override

You could enter the latest Chrome User-Agent string in here.  I have confirmed this stops the message appearing,  but I don't have a dish account to see if the video will play.  It may not if it actually needs something in >= v83 of chrome.

Try entering Chrome/84.0.4147.105  

I can confirm that this does work.  I was able to enter a newer Chrome User-Agent string and was able to play and record from my DishAnywhere account.  Thanks for the workaround.

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