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Jaksta 7.0.19 very slow to complete downloads

It's taking a very long time - several minutes - over "cancelling/muxing/tagging" etc - and of course a new download of the same stream does not start until completion, so I'm missing events on the cam.

This particularly applies to YouTube live streams, which I download 24/7, they come down in 6-hour files, each of which has to stop and complete before the download can resume.

Is there any way that Jaksta could resume a stream as soon as it reaches its limit, rather than wait for completion of the stopped download?

Following your advice to Adelea, I am investigating updating ffmpeg but (sorry for maybe being thick) I can't figure out exactly what to download.

JMR is 32-bit, therefore installed in x86.  The file is simply ffmpeg.exe, the licence says "GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007".

On the download site you linked to, under the Windows logo there are 2 different developers offering lots of different files.  One says "If you're downloading ffmpeg to support features in a program such as Krita or Blender, the release essentials build is sufficient".

As it happens, I already have a zip file for Build: ffmpeg-4.1.3-win64-static from Zeranoe FFmpeg Builds <http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/> (and the licence is the same 2007 as the installed JMR one).  Can I install that?  I don't see any 32-bit versions.

Following the zeranoe live link above I see that it closed down in Sept last year.  So I'd best delete that file...

I'd apprecaite a link to a specific ffmpeg.exe to replace JMR's existing.

Hi Patricia,

I downloaded the 4.4 release full - wasnt sure if the essentials had everything it needed, from:


I just replaced the ffmpeg.exr in JMR with the one from the bin directory, and it all works fine.

That's so helpful, thank you, Adelea!  I've downloaded the file but am waiting until nighttime (UK) to do the swap - my birdie cams will be quiet then

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