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JMR crash (closing itself)

Hello, in the last days this happened more frequently: JMR just decides to freeze for a few seconds then closes itself. There is no special trigger i could notice so i dont know why - i hope you can help me?

when i reopen jaksta after this crash it has everything remembered (i have the option active to clear the jaksta download and recordings list on Exit) - so its not a normal exit since it shows what it tried to capture before crash and also timelines every download in the session. [at this point i clicked on send logs - and its the only point i can get logs since it crashes randomly]

this crash can happen after using JMR for a longer time, but i also had it happen just 5 minutes after i started JMR for the first time on a day (only 3 monitors were downloaded and after 5 minutes it closed itself) hope my logs can help finding this occurance


Your logs dont show anything, just an abrupt end and then the restart.

Please provide msinfo32 system information export as per https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063

which will show us if the app is crashing.


and especially this log here. i just started jaksta, it recorded a tiny bit then crashed itself (so its freezing then closing) while freeze i only can interact with task manager close, or wait 30 sec and JMR will shutdown itself. then i restart and see the list of what downloaded within the session (but this should never show because i have clear list on exit) - there i capture the loggs. also msinfo32 is sent few weeks ago - last JMR crash is 10 minutes ago, i have even more logs of this behaviour, but i think 10 is enough - please try to solve this problem

i dont know what to do.


Please provide a full msinfo.nfo dump as per the section in  https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063 .

The file you have provided is not correct.

Also switch off debug logging.  You should only have it enabled if asked by me.   Do not leave this on during normal running. 

Yes debug logging is extremely intense on your machine.  Only switch it on when asked to.

Something is wrong with your machine.  See the event log at the end of your msinfo where it is not just JMR having a hard time but windows update as well.  


ok debug set to off for now.

also my computer sometimes crashes (for years now) but i dont know what curses the problem, it seems random (sometimes just crashes when i change sound volume but then works perfectly without problems for days.. sometimes also jaksta was running and also a computer crash before last windows update. i dont know how to read the msinfo but you could spot multiple kinds of JMR crash or so? because when my pc crashes it's a general problem for me, but what i meant is when JMR just freezes and closes itself - i never had a comparable problem with any other application on my computer so i think my jaksta has a problem with something specific but i cannot tell what (when jaksta freeze crashes my computer works still without other problematics)

So there is no way of solution? my machine has a mistake but this shouldN'T explain this JMR crash behaviour, the machine mistake has been around for years now but jaksta just started crahsing like this in the like last 2 months 

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