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Downloading without using HLSD broken in latest version


I tried the latest version of Jaksta today cause the changelog of the last versions read promising. Unfortunately there's a problem when not using HLSD.

I prefer to not use HLSD. Instead I use the good old FFMPEG downloader. Also I have "Download as MPG" unchecked. This way I get .TS files on some sites important to me and avoid any kind of muxing. I like it that way. And it works fine using older versions, for example.

When I tried the latest version,, without using the HLSD downloader, I can not download anything from OK.ru anymore (not using Auto, just adding the files). Jaksta tries to download live streams as .TS files and archived files as .MP4 files (which also were .TS files in Both fail to download immediatly.

I can not provide logs as I have already downgrad to again, sorry. I'm also not asking for help. I'm fine with using an older version. But maybe you can look into this for future version and give non-HLSD download some love.

Thank you.

Looks like ok.ru is not allowing download from ffmpeg.  Optional parameter is required to pass a useragent string that is not the one ffmpeg uses (like chomes).  Ill look at supporting in the next release.

Maybe you can revert it to the state of as it works perfect there but ofc that's up to you.

I will happily test the new version when it comes out. Thank you for looking into this.

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