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Alternative Product to Media Recorder.

 I asked this question about a year ago and it looks like the developers do not understand why this is important.

My question was could we please get the ability to select the download folder at the time of download, not in Preferences (Mac). Attached a mock up of how this might look / work.

I am looking for an alternative to Jaksta for the mac that:

1. Supports the same downloading formats and sites

2. Allows me to determine the folder for each download project / site.

Does any have any suggestions of alternative to Jaksta for Mac ?

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Hi Lee,

It's not that we don't or didn't understand the merit of your suggestion, but more a case of we haven't had time to develop and implement it.

It was added to our list of potential developments at the time you suggested it. Unfortunately I can still give no ETA on when it might get looked at, as for the moment (and since then) we are trying to stay on top of all the changes and variations that websites are implementing.

We are not aware of any other software that operates similarly to Jaksta and also has the feature you would like.



Jaksta Support

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