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Failed to run Filter Graph

I downloaded Jaksta Media Recorder 7 ( and when I try to download a video I get the message Failed To Run Filter Graph.  This happened when I tried a video from Hoopla and Amazon and got the message.  I have a license and have been happy with the program.  I am using Windows 10.  I am attaching the log I downloaded. 

Please let me know how to fix this issue or download the previous version.  Thank you. 

Glenn Domovic


Logs attached.


Something is wrong with the codecs installed on your machine, which has broken the ability to create the filter graph required to record.  Error is coming from very low down in windows.

Have you installed 3rd party codec packs like K-lite etc or some other audio/video application that has installed them?  If so remove them as they are notorious for breaking things.

You could also play with the Settings > DVR, Audio and video codecs and associated settings.

I have not installed anything since I updated Jaksta Media Player.

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