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JMR Licensing Questions


I have Jaskta installend on my drive D:\ and also all Recordings Downloads and Monitors operate there. But when muxing it takes a lot of resources and makes it slow. I have 2 separated drives. My C:\ drive is not so much used by programs so I think it would be good idea to uninstall Jaksta Programs and install again on C:\ drive (but the Downloads shall still be saved into my drive D:\  )

1) Would this solution help to let Jaksta Programs operate on C:\ and the get saved onto D:\ without having to operate, mux or whatever on D:\ drive?
2) (Also general Question) – When I uninstall any Jaksta what happens to my licence when I create Jaksta again on PC – can I reuse it (infinite times)? … and going further when I will have a new PC (uninstall Jaksta on old one) – can I use my License on the new PC as long as only one in use (infinite times)?

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Muxing is the process of converting the streams that are captured to the output containers compatible codecs/formats.  Muxing is happening in memory, reading and writing data to disc and is CPU intensive.  Depending on the protocol being downloaded temporary files are used in your profiles temp folder, with these then being muxed to the output folder.    

If you upgrade the install then the license isnt affected as its just the binaries that are replaced.  If you choose to uninstall/reinstall then the uninstall removes everything and you will need to enter your license again.  The licensing system does only allow a certain number of activation in a given period.  You can always lookup your license here:  https://store.jaksta.com/store/lostkey.do,  or if you have reacted the activation limit request and increase here https://support.jaksta.com/support/tickets/new

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