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Bur Sur

 Tech Supt,

I'm running Apple's Big Sur Beta 11, version 7. I know you don't provide any updates until the office version of Big Sur has been release.

I have submitted a bug report to Apple about Jaksta Media recorder ver 2.25.

The problem I have experience is when Jaksta media recorder is running, I get a NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID error - Your connection is not private.

When I switch back to macOS Catalina, the error go's away.

thank you


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Hi James,

I'm assuming that the error appears in the browser?

If that's the case can you tell me if you get any similar errors in different browsers, if any?

This could well be a Jaksta issue and/or a browser issue where the software needs an update to work with Mac OS Big Sur.



Jaksta Support

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