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Need to stop duplicate downloads in browser video auto detect mode

The feature that downloads automatically videos from any tab the browser switches to is a great idea, but it's a bit of a loose cannon atm and causing problems for me.

As I switch back and forth between multiple tabs regularly, it keeps downloading the same video over and over again. I thought I had turned it off, but it keeps doing it and the option to turn it off doesn't seem to clear or promiment (although thats not the main reason i'm posting). I would like to keep it on permanently but it just needs tweaking to be practical. There needs to be a mechanism to stop duplicate downloads basically.

So, where the video in the tab switched to has already been downloaded and is in the download list, it should know this and not download it again. This could be an extra option, but surely better for it to just be that way by default. I mean, why would anyone want to automatically download the same video twice? That would be silly. I would imagine this was just an oversight, rather than a bug, but many people switch between tabs regularly and may not realise they are about to go to the same one again with a video they already downloaded if they have lots of tabs open and are downloading a lot of videos at the same time. 

So please can you fix this guys to stop duplicate downloads in the browser video auto detection mode please? It actually seems to have switched to the auto mode automatically by default btw in the new updated version I just downloaded unless I'm mistaken, as I didn't turn that mode on and just upgraded.


Hi Alex,

Are you running the Mac or Windows version of Jaksta?



Jaksta Support

Hi, it's the Windows version


Just to note, it is me switching back to the tab where the video is, having already switched to that tab before that seems to trigger another download. But this is unavoidable often, and it still makes no logical sense for it to start downloading the same video again multiple times.

If AUTO detection is switched on when you start JRM, then you have Settings > Internet Downloads > Start auto detection on start switched on.

Duplicate stream detection only works when a stream is in the process of being captured and is based on an exact match of the url

>  Stream urls are normally unique.  Even watching the same stream again within a short time period will generally result in a completely different stream url.

>  Many (most now) sites uses adaptive streaming, the stream url with change and provide different qualities/formats and or come from different servers.

>  Even if the url doesn't change , what you are proposing wouldn't work for alot of the streams JMR is used to capture - live streams for example.  

> JMR will capture everything it can in AUTO mode.  Its up to you to work out what to keep or delete.

Best practice:  Dont forget when AUTO is on, all your network traffic is being analysed constantly for media streams to capture,  so only have AUTO on when you want to capture something.  Once it is downloading switch AUTO off or if recording click the green thumb icon so new streams are not captured. 

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