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Problem recently downloading Youtube content

 I am having problems downloading some files recently from Youtube. The file is detected (both using the Auto feature and by pasting the URL). After Extraction takes place and I have selected the desired resolution, the file downloads. When it has finished downloading, there is a Muxing message which lasts for a brief second, then a momentary Subtitles message, and then the file disappears from the list, and is not in the Download folder. A URL where this is happening is:


This appears to be a new phenomenon. I have not had problems downloading files from Youtube in the past.

Thanks for your help.

I forgot to mention that I am using the latest version of Jaksta Media Recorder (v7.0.24.00).


Thank you. After your reply, I tried again to download the problematic files, which now work. Nothing has changed here, so I can only assume that the problem must have been with Youtube or the hoster of the original file, and this has now been corrected.


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