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fmp4 file convert?

Hello, after a crash the current LJ recording couldnt be saved properly and i have left the fmp4 file only. (sometimes also some fmp4 files are final result without a crash i think) - is there a way to bring them into the mp4 file they normally should have become?

Use the builtin converter.  Select an mp4 preset or create your own from the conversion menu.  Then select the file you want to convert and Menu -> Convert.


Solved: Forget to mention that Jaksta Converter wont accept the files with drag and drop!


But now i tried to import files by clicking the “+” in Jaksta Converter – if anyone has this problem in future:


Click Jaksta Converter “+” Button in Middle. Then in windows explorer menu that opens up you have at the bottom the file name and right next to it a date filter (dropdown-menu) – expand it, click on all files the go where your fmp4 file is and NOW you can add to converter, and make conversion.


So Jaksta Converter handles it really good. (Btw VLC can play fmp4 data but you cannot scroll through video duration – its broken)




You don't have to use Jaksta Converter.  You have all the conversion features in JMR.  See my screenshot.  

ah ok. but when i change in JMR... will it convert everything that i record to mp4 or can choose single entry like in converter?

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