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Live Monitor Improvement Suggest


few ideas to improve the live Monitor Option Panels:

"Clear All" - Option to delete all Monitors (maybe double check question so noone deletes them by accident) - but very helpful if i have the links and want to start a new compact monitor overview to save and easily switch between my monitor sheets

maybe 3 more Tabs (can avtivate in Option if shown to user) - "Category" - "Rank" - "Info" where we can give different Monitors a category Entry to show all available monitors sorted after group, also Rank to give them numbers or letters so we can also sort within the group (so when we sort rank all monitors are filtered by rank no matter the category // when we sort category all monitor are grouped together by category and then the sorting within the group field is determined by the rank value.) 
"info" to give a few words description (i dont need it, but maybe thats a good extra option for someone idk)

in short its a simple filter option for category and rank-numbers, but wanted to explain better what i mean.

you could mirror/invert the arrow-symbols for import/export?  i think its more instinctive when the EXPORT arrow shows outside of Jaksta Corner and the IMPORT Arrow lies in direction to the middle of the Jaksta Window (at the moment they face each other and makes the design seem weird to me

 last suggest: a bit of a question also: can we start JMR without monitors on start? (i mean can we change this option without being in JMR option menu) - i ask for this suggestion because i made a sheet with countless monitors (every site i may like i save like this) and from there its good to make smaller sheets which i will occasionally use. but when im dumb i forget to load the new sheet when im finished and close JMR to refresh. when i open it, JMR tries to load ALL monitors i ever made and thats not good you can imagine. so can we have a way to "clean start" JMR so its forced to not load the monitors?

ofc all is just when you deal with many monitors - most wont need it, but everyone who likes to bring a better order would appreciate these changes im sure


Thanks for your suggestions.  Will add them to my list.  Definitely those import/export icons are back to front. 

If monitors are starting when you start JMR, then you have Settings > Internet Downloads > Start Monitors on Start on.

Thanks, happy you take time to improve even more.

Also Monitors are set on thats right. Normally no problem since i dont have so many monitors enabled - its just when im stupid and restart JMR with the wrong file (my saved file that says all monitors active) - but not important, just me doing mistakes and having wrong monitor file loaded.

also imortant add to my suggestions from before is: when a monitor is disabled the user should still see "category" - "rank" - "info" part. so when we want to sort monitors to a personal given order the same monitors are always on the same place in list.

thanks for your help :)

Hello CRS, here are a few more suggestions (+ wishes) that may be helpful (if they seem worthwhile for implementation for you - its your program and work, i appreciate everything you can implement^^)

option to show "ID", every monitor entry seems to be unique (when i switch between monitor files i can see that the same monitor is saved within the file but changes settings when i saved it changed, so on 1 file its monitoring, other one its not) - i think they get some ID or similar on them, so would be cool if we can show in another filter-tab the ID number

this can ensure that when i change monitor values in different saved files, we surely pick the right monitor (for the case that e.g. name is identical and we could change the wrong one)

option to "Lock" monitor: maybe its just me but i like when i can like double save it - i always like when i can lock things i dont want to change or accidently delete. could be a button in monitor-specific settings "Lock this Monitor" and if ON you cannot change or settings from this monitor (or at least its not possible to delete)

a Monitor Name search-engine. Best way: type a part of the name and only those are listed, rest vanish / ok way: exact matching beginning with first letter of monitor name and shows everything in range

a priority list (thats probably very complicated to do):

like the computer can handle 4 monitors at a time (user can enter a number in options as maximum value [i dont mean the setting that already exists, but very similar], but what when 7 monitors go live? then it would pick the 4 with highest priorioty (set for each by user, if none is set, that its treated last priority)

 - if for example 4 monitors run with no priority and another 2 with higher priority would go live it ends one running 4 and starts the first new, then same for 2nd. it only continues checks for priority monitors as long as one monitor with set priority is live. and if all 4 monitors have high priority, it will only end the one with least priority when a higher goes live.

THIS IDEA IN SHORT: we set maximum value of downloaded monitors. we can give a monitor a unique priority number in options tabs (thats not the "Rank" i suggested few posts ago.). and if the max value is reached, JMR will only download the high priorty ones up to capacity chosen by user.

Possibilty to chose multiple Monitors (ctrl + click) to delete a given amount of monitors at once

Top-bar option button: "Hide disabled Monitors" as ON/OFF option

JMR Settings option: "Hide "Last Run" Filter from Monitor Menu" as ON/OFF option ... Last Run i think nobody really uses because you only check if you think something is wrong, but you can also check status for this, so i never looked at last run.

Hope some of these ideas are good to improve the Monitors, since thats the strongest Part of JMR i think :)


*push* kind of

wanted to check if you got some info on this one or question but maybe you forget. still would love some of these to be introduced if possible

main priority for the monitors would be a way to show the real ID of them so when switching between saved monitor profile lists we can easily check what entry it really is

and the 2nd priority would be to enable another tab where we can write own ID or INFO so we can sort all monitors after personal preference without messing up names

3rd priority is to enable "Last run"-Tab so the overview of important things stucks together

and rest of what i wrote back then in this posts here should also be good thing - thanks for reading.

Thanks for the suggestions.  They are still on my list to look at.

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