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Can't download

This is a flipping nightare..Npcap won't stay installed.. I get so any popup bullshit windows ads it's ridiculous.. Fix this shit or give e a refund

Sorry but any popup ads you are getting have absolutely nothing to do with my software.  

Im not sure what you mean by Npcap wont stay installed?  Npcap is a very popular NDIS6 driver used by many products, which is downloaded and installed (if you choose) as part of the JMR setup process.  Is something blocking its installation or uninstalling it?

Finally, if you want a refund then please put a request into licensing support: https://support.jaksta.com/support/tickets/new

Well..I'd much rather get it working.. Kind of a computer dinosaur myself.. Whatever the problems I am having are likely due to my ignorance..

I keep dropping the internet connection the internet connect.. I sometimes uninstall and put it back on a few times a day.. It just stops working then says no internet,, Check your proxy server etc..

Has to be something I am doing that I shouldn't or should be doing but not..

I do try to leave settings.. I always try auto and just turn off repeated streams..

Hope you can help.. Thanks

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