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The monitor program began to upload recordings of broadcasts from twitch, instead of live broadcasts or at least repeats. Live broadcasts also download, but for some reason when there are no broadcasts, the program downloads the broadcast recordings by itself.

Before that, for several years of use, I did not come across this.

JMR doesnt upload anything?  Please provide debug logs showing your issue.


JMR loads completed broadcasts itself, not live ones like it should or reruns or trailers of channels that are being monitored.


Your logs show downloads not uploads?

Im confused.  Please explain what you mean.

I just captured a short twitch live stream and it was fine

I mean, the monitor doesn't download live broadcasts, but videos from the channels it monitors. how this happens I do not know. you will install 30-40 channels from twitch on the monitor, and you will see everything for a while. if this is not visible in the log. I do not know if this is a new twitch protection or a bug in the program.


Live program downloads too, but in addition to live download past broadcast channels.

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